ArtCrawl Harlem
"Fire & Soul: 100 Years of Harlem" Art Exhibit

Kente Royal Gallery
December 3, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Born on the heels of the influenza pandemic in 1918, the Harlem Renaissance reverberated from the blocks of Uptown, U.S.A. to the corners of the world. A movement translating the joy, pain, resilience, and brilliance of Black people. A rising up of sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers. A celebration of artistry, individuality, and community. One hundred years later, against the backdrop of our own pandemic, Art Crawl Harlem commemorates that golden age with “Fire & Soul: 100 Years of Harlem” Art Exhibition. Rendered through the lens of 18 local New York artists. Fire & Soul captures the beauty, history, and complexity of Black culture — the majesty of Black life — and dares imagine a brighter future. 

During the Harlem Renaissance as today, contemporary artists have picked up the mantle to influence the direction of arts and culture on an international landscape.  This 4 – week long exhibit explores the varying identities and impacts of Black people as it intersects America culture, from The Great Migration to; immigration, music, sexuality and gender identity, politics, religion, public health, education, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pursuit of freedom and everyday life.

The exhibit enveloped the viewer with the hopes of awakening the senses to history and modern day hopes and dreams. ArtCrawl Harlem exhibited a diverse roster of artists across different mediums, each united by the fact that Harlem has played a significant role in their artistic practice. The works presented will reference the past, speak to the present, and boldly look to the future of the Harlem community.  Co- curators:  Nakia HicksDodji Gbedemah and Ulysses Williams 

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Opening Night - December 3, 2020

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Mario Joyce Belysar
Rudy Collins
Demarcus MaGaughey
Sean Patrick Watters
Shade Boyewa
Daryl Daniels
MarkAnthony McLeod
Dominick Williams
Anthony E. Boone
Ricky Day
Guy Stanley Philoche
Dodji Gbedemah, Kente Royal Gallery
Karim Chambers
Thomas Heath
Khalid Sabree
Nakia Hicks , Co Curator
Magdala Charles
Amber Lodman
Ulysses Williams, Co Curator/Exec. Director
Carla Cherry
Tamu Favorite
Masad Rufai Qawishabazz
Troy Longmire

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